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Popular Attractions in Our City

Holiday Palace is the perfect starting point for exploring the Thai-Cambodian border and beyond. Poipet, a destination for avid travelers, offers an exciting array of attractions for exploration.

Visitors can immerse themselves in ancient sites that showcase the rich Khmer civilization, such as Prasat Sdok Kok Thom, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and more. For those passionate about shopping, the city offers the Rong Kluea Market, a vast second-hand marketplace located past the Thai border, or the Star Night Market, a famous food market in Poipet.

Prasat Sdok Kok Thom, Sa Kaeo, Thailand

Gaze at the beauty of Prasat Sdok Kok Thom castle. The Prasat Sdok Kok Thom Historical Park is one of the significant historical sites of the Khmer civilization. Located in the province of Sa Kaeo, Thailand. Immerse yourself in the mystique of this sacred space as you behold the intricate architecture of the ancient Khmer people. At the information center, visitors can delve deeper into the fascinating stories and beliefs surrounding the castle, allowing them to appreciate the rich history of this remarkable place. For those embarking on a journey from Thailand to Poipet, Prasat Sdok Kok Thom makes for an ideal first stop.

  • Opening hours: 8:00 – 18:00 (GMT+7)
  • Parking: Available, with restrooms
  • Entrance Fee: Free of charge
  • Travel: Prasat Sdok Kok Thom is located in Khok Sung Dist., Sa Kaeo, not far from Aranyaprathet Dist. It takes 40 minutes of travel by car, through Highway 348, Aranyaprathet – Nang Rong route, to get to the Holiday Palace Hotel.

Rong Kluea Market, Sa Kaeo, Thailand

The Ban Khlong Luek Market, or as many call it, “Rong Kluea Market,” is one of the largest and most prominent border markets in Thailand. The market has both retail and wholesale stores with numerous second-hand products, as well as brand-name products available for sale at a lower price. This highlight attracts tens of thousands of tourists and traders each day.
Conveniently located near the Aranyaprathet immigration checkpoint, between Sa Kaeo Province and Poipet, Cambodia, Rong Kluea Market is just a five-minute from the Holiday Palace Hotel, making it the perfect spot to shop and explore the diverse range of goods available.

  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 17:00 (GMT+7)
  • Parking: Available, with restrooms
  • Travel: From Bangkok to Rong Kluea Market, there are many routes you can take. If traveling by car, you can take Highway No.33 through Kabin Buri District to Sa Kaeo. Or take a public bus from Mo Chit Bus Terminal, Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd. There are both vans and buses available.

Star Night Market, Poipet, Cambodia

Experience yourself in the lively and authentic ambiance of the Star Night Market. This “fountain” market holds a whole host of clothes, shoes, bags, and popular sweets and street food from Cambodia and Thailand. The market is also jam-packed with activities and games such as darts, ball houses, and bumper cars, catering to groups of friends and families alike. What is more, Thai tourists need not worry about exchanging their currency, as the Thai Baht is widely accepted, and most vendors are fluent in Thai.

An evening shopping spree at the Star Night Market is a must-do activity for visitors seeking a taste of local life in Poipet. Located near the immigration checkpoint and only a stone’s throw away from the Holiday Palace Hotel, this vibrant night market provides the perfect introduction to your holiday in Poipet.

  • Opening hours: From 17:00 (GMT+7) onwards
  • Travel: From Holiday Palace, it takes 5 minutes via the hotel’s shuttle bus, a tuk-tuk at 60 Baht, or a motorcycle taxi at 40 Baht.