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Indulge in the best gastronomic experience at Holiday Palace. Meet our experienced chefs, ready to prepare a diverse selection of unique dishes for all guests at Holiday Palace’s restaurants. Whether at “Dragon Palace,” the premium Chinese restaurant by our world-famous Hong Kong Michelin chef. Enjoy a delightful variety of Japanese cuisine at “Matsubayashi.” Or enter the “Noodle Bar,” where authentic Hong Kong noodle dishes are prepared for you. Last but not least, our signature “Kinnaree” restaurant is proud to present Authentic Asian Cuisine, with both local and royal recipes that have been serving delectable menus for over two decades.

Kinnaree Restaurant

Meet our local dishes in the style of authentic Asian cuisine that has maintained its unique taste for generations. Each menu is prepared and served with care. In addition, there are daily changing special dishes based on the availability of ingredients and season. Or dishes perfectly combined with delicious Indonesian flavors such as Ayam Kalasan and Gulai Ayam Chicken Curry Set Rice, as well as a la carte dishes like Mie Goreng, Udang Tumis Sambal Dengan Nasi, Kwetiau Siram to enjoy the authentic cuisine.

Open – Closed 09:00 – 21:00

Dragon Palace Restaurant

The premium Chinese restaurant is prepared by our world-renowned, Michelin-starred Hong Kong chef who creates Chinese-Hong Kong and contemporary Thai dishes. Guaranteed with awards and more than 30 years of cooking experience to satisfy you with a delicious experience in the form of fine dining and the finest ingredients.

Matsubayashi Restaurant (Recommended)

Taste the gastronomic delights of Japan at Matsubayashi, which serves the finest Japanese cuisine. Our professional chefs carefully select the ingredients and use sophisticated cooking techniques to create a memorable dining experience. Be sure to sample our popular dishes, such as the spicy salmon roll served with our chef’s secret sauce, the extensive selection of fresh sashimi, and the renowned “Dubin Soup” served in a traditional Japanese pot. Hence, every bite is sure to be a delightful experience.

Breakfast Station

Start your day with a satisfying breakfast that offers a diverse range of energy-boosting dishes. At our breakfast station, you can choose from a simple breakfast such as congee, mi goreng, sandwich, and our signature youtiao (Holiday Palace style Patongo) to an assortment of morning beverages such as soya milk, Kopee, hot ovaltine, and pearl milk tea.

Open-closed 6:00-11:00 hrs.

Noodle Bar Restaurant

Satisfying noodle lovers with the Noodle Bar is to be noticed. Hong Kong-style noodles offer an exquisite selection of noodle dishes guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. We take pride in the uniqueness of our secret recipe soup that has been simmered for over 5 hours to bring out the perfect balance of flavors.

Open-closed 09:00 – 21:00 hrs.